Target Markets

IST is strategically targeting high-growth market segments which require state-of-the-art software solutions coupled with an orderly delivery schedule and a rigorous support provisioning.
The 20-year old expertise of IST, along with a strong industry word-of-mouth, has enabled us to expand beyond the Greek market.

Competent Solutions for High-Growth Vertical Industries

We focus on a number of selected, high-growth vertical industries, which we competently serve for more than 10 years.

We are well-positioned in markets and industries that demand innovative software solutions, a personalized & high level of technical support and a fast time-to-market implementation.

  • Telecommunications
  • Banking
  • Pharmaceuticals
Current Main Market

We have a market presence and we strategically target the European region (Western, Eastern, Southeastern & Central Europe).

We have a two-fold strategy:
Focus on Market Development (existing products into new markets) and Product Development (new products into existing markets).

Future Potential Markets

We are always interested in expanding into new markets, either directly or indirectly through a capable partner.

We believe our proprietary solutions have a strong potential in both matured as well as growing markets.

If you would like to partner with IST, contact us at: