Our People

As a knowledge-intensive organization, operating in a highly-competitive environment, IST places a strong emphasis on the qualities, skills, personality characteristics and potential of its people.
We have adopted an open-door policy, a balanced matrix organization structure, while we incorporate knowledge-management and ideation-management practices, in order to enhance our Research & Development process as well as our innovation capabilities.
Moreover, IST is characterized by a friendly, casual culture, which places an emphasis on collaboration, team-building, knowledge dissemination as well as efficiency and effectiveness.

An Array of Incentives

We invest heavily in the frequent and on-going training of all our people, through participation in seminars, forums, crash-courses, subscriptions to specialty journals, as well as memberships in special interest groups and associations.

We strive to offer our people a strong set of tools for career development, so as to help them realize their potential.

A Highly Competent Team

We currently employ a significant number of full-time individuals, each with significant experience in his / her field of expertise.

All of our people have graduated from recognized academic institutions and have multi-year hands-on field experience.

Human Capital Breakdown

First and foremost a technical-oriented team, our people are focused on delivering projects on-time, on-budget and on-specs.

We have adopted a matrix management structure, which allows team members to share information more readily across task boundaries. The matrix structure allows for specialization that can increase depth of knowledge and allow professional development and career progression to be managed.