Our people have deep knowledge of an ever growing number of technologies, tools and frameworks.

Having been involved in a large number of challenging projects for more than 30 years, we can - depending on client need:

  • Successfully undertake demanding enterprise-level software development projects (Bespoke Software Development),

  • Deliver or be directly involved in complex outsourcing software projects (Managed Services / Time & Material Services),

  • Provide valuable help in staffing Information Technology related projects (Staff Augmentation / Staffing Services),

  • Implement third-party software solutions (Value-Added Reselling / Value Added Services).

The Best Of All Worlds


We are technology agnostic, thus we are unbiased towards the use of different technologies, tools and frameworks to solve different problems.

We believe there is no “one size fits all" in the software development industry.

We are equally well-placed in open source and closed source (proprietary) technologies.

Our people are regularly attending internal, external and on-the-job technical trainings on new technologies, tools and frameworks, while a notable percentage of them earn official technical certifications from major software vendors (such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM among others).

Moreover, our balanced matrix organization structure, allong with the incorporation of sophisticated internal processes and procedures, and a strong emphasis on collaboration and team-building, allows us to successfully incorporate knowledge-management and knowledge dissemination practices, in order to further enrich the technical capabilities of our people.

The long-term success of any company relies on the loyalty and quality of its human capital. Thus, in this rapidly changing technology environment, we try to excel at finding and retaining the best talent.

A Cross-Functional Expertise


Our field of expertise extends in the following:

  • Application Servers

  • Big Data

  • Business Intelligence

  • Cloud Computing

  • Containerization

  • Databases

  • Data Warehouse - Mining

  • Integration Platforms

  • Microservices

  • Mobile App Development

  • Reporting & Dashboards

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Web Development

A Trusted Partner


IST dedicates itself to delivering sophisticated software services for specific, high growth and demanding industries, such as telecommunications, banking & finance and pharma.

We primarily address the needs of large-sized and Enterprise-level organizations (either private, publicly-traded or multinational), while we also offer our services to major international software vendors and I.T. solution providers - acting as their designated outsourcing partners.

​Together with our clients, we analyse the needs and purpose of what they want to achieve and choose the set of technologies, tools and frameworks that will be implemented in an optimal way.

By understanding their needs and suggesting the optimal technologies, tools and frameworks for their specific project, we help our clients develop their business more effectively.

We are known in the industry for our competence in a broad range of technologies, tools and frameworks, thus we are being favored by the vast majority of our clients with repeat business.

We always aim to form strong business ties with our clients and we take pride that more than 70% of our yearly revenue is realized by a recurring client base.