The goal of SPMS is to centralize all processes related with the introduction, management and alteration of Products, Services, Offers, Bundles, Discounts and Promotions for Communication Service Providers (CSPs).

The SPMS solution functions as a central hub, through which a CSP organizes, monitors and controls one of the most important aspects of its business operations.

Service & Product Management System (SPMS)

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SPMS is a sophisticated and highly proficient Enterprise Product Catalogue (EPC) / Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, which allows a Communication Service Provider (CSP) to have orderly and complete control over its product portfolio.

SPMS addresses the needs of CSPs seeking to secure and enhance their market positions - moreover, it allows CSPs to understand and effectively manage the underlying product set, while at the same time it enables more flexibility around managing customer preferences and experiences.

SPMS is a robust and mature solution, which has been in constant development and commercially available since 2003.

It is deployed in a growing number of CSPs worldwide, and is equally capable of supporting mobile telephony, landline (fixed) telephony, Internet services, subscription TV services, leased lines, etc. as well as combinations of the above (double, triple, quadruple play).

The SPMS Advantage


The Telecom Operator market currently faces fierce competition which is lowering margins. Moreover, converging technologies are making product differentiation problematic.

Facing these difficulties, CSPs are discovering that delivering innovative, profitable products at a lower cost and in less time is an increasingly demanding task.

SPMS is about taking control over these challenges and providing CSPs (operating in either developed or developing markets) with the tools to succeed in this ever-changing landscape.

TM Forum Certified


SPMS has been twice awarded the TM Forum SID Conformance Certification.

The TM Forum certification establishes SPMS as a major EPC / PLM solution for CSPs on a worldwide level, while at the same time it emphasizes the advanced capabilities and characteristics that SPMS incorporates.

  • SPMS (Product Version 6.0) - SID Conformance Certification (Information Framework Version 21.0) - Certification Date: September 2021. (LINK TO SPMS v.6.0 TM FORUM PAGE)

Challenges Faced by Telecom Operators
  • Telecom Operators need to address urgent and rapidly changing market conditions.

  • Sophisticated and highly intensified business competition must be encountered efficiently and effectively.

  • Introduction of new and more complex offerings, rate plans, promotions and services must be continuous.

  • Telecom Operators need to always provide accurate and up to date information to its customers.

  • Constant coordination between involved departments is needed.

  • Mobile and Fixed Telecom Operators must satisfy their customer needs through an extended portfolio of services.

  • Technological advancements and convergence in the Telecom Industry lead to the establishment of innovative services that must be rapidly incorporated into new products.

Business Benefits Delivered by SPMS
  • Better and more efficient communication / cooperation between cross-functional stakeholders.

  • Rapid response to frequently changing market conditions.

  • Introduction / alteration of rate plans and services can be accelerated dramatically.

  • Less mistakes, higher productivity, more efficient time management.

  • Empowerment of marketing department.

  • Centralization of product management.

  • Work flow execution optimization.

  • Operator compliance with external audits & industry regulations.

SPMS Integration


SPMS offers significant advantage to a company, but also gives other enterprise systems great value by enabling the sharing of product information throughout the organization.

From product initialization through delivery to final customers, SPMS can integrate with business operations, trigger innovation, and support new product strategies.

SPMS functions as a central hub for all CSP departments seeking up-to-date product information.


Indicative involved departments and organizational units are:

  • Product Management 

  • Product Development 

  • Information Technology

  • Financial 

  • Cost Control 

  • Customer Care 

  • Audit 

  • Regulatory 

  • Shops / e-Commerce / other sales channels


Moreover, SPMS feeds business systems with management-approved charging specifications such as:

  • Postpaid & Prepaid Billing 

  • Revenue Assurance 

  • IVR 

  • DWH 

  • ERP 

  • Intranet / Internet / Extranet 

  • CRM

  • e-Commerce

  • Web Site


SPMS acts as a single repository for all Products and Services, in order to avoid effort and data duplication across departments and systems.

By using SPMS, a CSP can establish a holistic view of all organization processes and comply with industry regulations.