SPMS / MTB is a proven and mature solution that has a successful track record of deployments and is in active development since 2003.

SPMS / MTB consists of the SPMS / MTB Core (the basic offering), as well as, a number of specific add-on modules that the customer can procure independently, depending upon his business needs.

Core Module


The SPMS / MTB Core module is the base repository where end users are able to manage their products.


The SPMS / MTB Core module also incorporates the following sub modules:

  • Web Interface, where the end-users manage SPMS / MTB information.

  • Security / Administration Module.

  • Reporting Module.

  • SPMS / MTB API: Exposes Core Repository up-to-date data to the integrated Systems. The integration is implemented using web method calls (SOAP or RESTful) to the API. Additionally API module provides a file Generation module where information can be retrieved in ASCII format.

Additional Modules


  • Workflow Module: Provides the required functionality in order to build and manage approval paths.

  • Revenue Assurance Module: Module that imports CDRs, utilizes data and re-rates all events using original-approved product charging specifications defined by Product Managers in SPMS / MTB.

  • Web Site Module: Automates the process of publishing and effortlessly keeping up-to-date charging information of Rate Plans and Services on the Operator’s Web Site.

  • Customer Care Module: The Customer Care module provides advanced search functionality for retrieving detailed information regarding Rate Plans and Services. Information is transformed based on Customer Care Department needs (Commercial Info). Additionally module provides Offer Building functionality and Proration Calculation for Rate Plan transfers.

  • Cost Control Module: The Cost Control module provides advanced search functionality for retrieving detailed information regarding Rate Plans and Services for Cost Control Department.

  • GSMA Module: Provides management of numbering Plans of Global Operators. Information is used for Zoning and Revenue Assurance Module. 

  • IFRS Module: The IFRS module generates financial reports based on International financial reporting standards (IFRS). The module imports new/renewal customer contract info by ordering System on a daily basis and generates monthly revenue projections per contract based on contract duration, offers, discounts ,subsidy and Devices.

  • e-Commerce Module: The module provides product and service charging information to e-Commerce platform. Information is generated based on ordering journeys along with the required data transformation for end customers.

  • RCN module: Provides the required functionality in order to generate custom messages for Roaming Customers. When customers travel abroad and connect to a foreign CSP network, they receive an SMS with prices related to outgoing, incoming and local traffic.

Integration Modules


A number of SPMS / MTB modules have been implemented (using the SPMS / MTB API) in order to integrate with heterogeneous systems.


These modules currrently are:

  • Revenue Assurance Integration module

  • IVR Integration module

  • Workflow Integration module

  • Landing Page module

  • DWH Integration module

  • Postpaid Billing Integration module

  • SOA / ESB Integration module

  • Prepaid Billing Integration module

  • ERP Integration module