The SPMS solution functions as a central repository, through which a Telecom Operator organizes, monitors and controls one of the most important aspects of its business, its products.
SPMS offers significant advantage to a company, but also gives other enterprise systems great value by enabling the sharing of product information throughout the organization. From product initialization through delivery to final customers, it can integrate with business operations, trigger innovation, and support new product strategies.
By implementing the SPMS Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, you establish a holistic view of all  organization processes, comply with industry regulations and measure performance.

Core System Characteristics

Product Management Tools

  • Supports complex user defined product structures and charging strategies.
  • End users are able to modify any aspect of product information through parameterization forms.
  • Large number of pre-defined templates and configuration for Telecom market.
  • Fully customizable: Supports user defined structures and characteristics.
  • Tools for massively updating charging information across products.
  • Embedded version control.
  • Embedded Document Management functionality for all Product Lifecycle related documents.


  • Advanced reporting mechanisms.
  • Comparative tools for market and competition analysis.
  • Full history of Product modifications.


  • Advanced security & auditing features.
  • Domain, User/Role, Category, Department, and Product-level security.

System Architecture

  • User-friendly, Ajax enabled web-based, thin-client environment.
  • Integration with heterogeneous systems.
  • Workflow support.
Revenue Assurance Module

The purpose of the SPMS - Revenue Assurance Module is to identify and quantify key revenue leakage indicators and link them with the underlying organization processes (e.g. charging). Additionally special value is gained by restructuring and verifying billing system accuracy in order to protect revenue stream.

This module imports CDRs, utilizes data and re-rates all events using original-approved product charging specifications defined by Product Managers in SPMS.

Web Module

The SPMS - Web Module automates the process of publishing and effortlessly keeping up-to-date charging information of Rate Plans and Services on the Operator’s Web Site. The process is triggered following the corresponding management-approved Product modifications initiated by Commercial department.

The solution can be easily integrated with existing Operator’s Web Site or web based application (Customer Care, Intranet) through exposed interfaces.

Customer Care Module

The SPMS - Customer Care Module provides advanced search functionality for retrieving detailed information regarding Rate Plans and Services:

  • Customer Care agents are able to access all current and past charging info for Rate Plans & Services.
  • Association / Identification of Rate Plans and Services based on eligibility rules.
  • Ability to filter specific information achieving a less cluttered environment customized for Customer Care agents.