Features & Characteristics

SPMS / MTB is a solution that focuses on the need to do more and faster, as a means to rapidly adapt in an increasingly dynamic business environment.

Furthermore, SPMS / MTB is versatile and flexible, ideally suited to serve the needs of all types of CSPs (mobile telephony, landline telephony, Internet services, subscription TV services, leased lines, etc).

A Flexible Architecture


  • SPMS / MTB adopts a flexible architecture, where it can be integrated with different customer / third-party platforms, while it consists of the SPMS / MTB Core (the basic offering) as well as a number of specific add-on modules that the customer can procure independently, depending on his business needs.
Singe Point of Entry & Access


  • SPMS / MTB provides a single point of entry and single point of access to the master product and service data, through which users can perform all of the Product Lifecycle Management processes necessary to centrally manage (i.e. create, modify, delete, launch, maintain and retire) the full catalogue of product offerings and underlying services and devices.
Interfacing with Third Party Platforms


  • SPMS / MTB provides the necessary product data integration infrastructure to interface product and service data to the BSS and OSS applications (e.g. CRM, Billing, Order Management, SDP, Provisioning, Online Portals) in a structured, automated and efficient fashion, through the SPMS / MTB API.

  • The SPMS / MTB API exposes Core repository up-to-date information to the integrated systems. The integration is implemented using web method calls (SOAP or RESTful) to the API. Additionally, the SPMS / MTB API module provides a file generation module where information can be retrieved in ASCII format.

Solution Deployment


  • SPMS / MTB is currently available as an On-Premises offering, deployed on physical and / or virtual serves situated in one or more customer data centers (either locally or internationally).
Timely Implementation


  • On a deployment and implementation level, SPMS / MTB adopts a straightforward and timely process.

  • It offers a rapid time-to-implementation, thus reducing overall implementation costs, while making it ideal for environments where time constraints are tight.

Straightforward Licensing Model


  • SPMS / MTB adopts an easy to understand and procure licensing model which does not place unnecessary restrictions on its use.

  • SPMS / MTB is licensed on a CSP level (without any restrictions on the number of users, products, server(s) configuration etc.) while it is competitively priced and offers a significantly lower TCO in relation to comparable solutions.

Competent Support Services


  • SPMS / MTB is backed by a wealth of services, offered by in-house engineers, business analysts, technical support and training personnel.

  • A full-range of support services is available at a commonly defined and agreed SLA.

A Bespoke Solution for Communication Service Providers


  • SPMS / MTB is not a “plain vanilla” solution; it can be easily customized to meet customer preferences.

  • Versatile and flexible, ideally suited to support the CSP need for rapid delivery of targeted product offerings.

  • SPMS / MTB incorporates the Telecom Industry’s business trends and best practices, and has a proven track record of successful deployments.

  • SPMS / MTB is built from the ground up in accordance with the Communication Service Providers’ processes.

Business Process Automation


  • Streamlines the process of communicating, approving and implementing Products, Services, Offers, Bundles, Discounts, and Promotions.

  • Triggers automatic update of charging information on CSP’s Web Site upon new Rate Plans / Services implementation or modification of the existing ones.

  • Workflow support; using the SPMS / MTB workflow module or by integrating SPMS / MTB with a CSP’s existing workflow mechanism.

Product Management Tools


  • Supports complex user defined product structures and charging strategies.

  • End users are able to modify any aspect of product information through parameterization forms.

  • Large number of pre-defined templates and configuration for the telecom market.

  • Fully customizable - supports user defined structures and characteristics.

  • Tools for massively updating charging information across products.

  • Embedded version control.

  • Embedded Document Management functionality for all Product Lifecycle related documents.



  • Advanced reporting mechanisms.

  • Comparative tools for market and competition analysis.

  • Full history of product modifications.



  • Advanced security and auditing features.

  • Domain, User / Role, Category, Department, and Product-level security.

  • System architecture.

  • User-friendly, Ajax enabled web-based, thin-client environment.

Integration with Heterogeneous Systems


  • Workflow support.

Detailed Billing Cost Calculation


  • Ability to calculate / project the billing cost of each subscription precisely, by taking into consideration all relevant tariff costs, surcharges, discounts, and other fees.

Advanced Business Rules


  • Ability to create dynamic rules for each dynamically defined field.

  • Advanced Business Rules helps drive product personalization, advanced bundling and configuration, complex offers, and more.