We offer sophisticated software services both to end clients and to major software vendors.

We take pride in producing high-quality software. Our commitment and attention to detail helps ensure that we have the confidence of new clients and secure repeat contracts from existing clients.

Repeat business is our key motivation. Being asked back is the most positive feedback and acknowledgement of success that anyone can have.

Previous experience dating back to the early 1990s, reinforces our expertise and allows us to adapt rapidly to client requirements by applying a broad knowledge of the software industry.

Portfolio of Services


We offer our clients a diverse portfolio of sophisticated services and solutions, tailored to their specific needs. Our software services are addressed to end clients (such as large-sized and Enterprise-level organizations), while we also act as preferred outsourcing partners for a number of major international software vendors.

Current portfolio of services:

  • Bespoke Software Development (for high growth industries, such as telecommunications, banking & finance, pharma)

  • Proprietary Software Solutions (for Communications Service Providers / "Telcos")

  • Managed Services

  • Time & Material Services

  • Staff Augmentation / Staffing Services

  • Value-Added Reselling / Value Added Services (for third-party software solutions)

Focus on Value Creation


We offer Enterprise-level professional software services that exceed the expectations of our clients.

We accomplish that by recruiting and employing the best talent, adopting the latest software development methodologies and offering an utmost level of service before and after project delivery.


Our service portfolio includes:

  • Project Management

  • Analysis & Design

  • Software Development

  • Training

  • Testing

  • Support