PLM for Banking

A trusted solution...

The SPMS solution is currently operational in a multitude of Telecom Operators (both Greek and foreign) and has come a long way since its first iteration.

With a clearly defined roadmap for the last 10 years, SPMS is a robust and mature solution that brings about efficiency and effectiveness in product development for the telecom industry.

... ideal for companies with complex service offerings

SPMS is an innovative Product Lifecycle Management solution, that focuses specifically on the needs of companies with complex service offerings.

The aim of SPMS is to introduce an unprecedented level of functionality for two core activites of service-oriented companies: new product development & product management.

Get to know SPMS for the
Banking & Financial Services Industry

We are currently developing our acclaimed solution for the Banking & Financial Services Industry.

We have significant knowledge of the banking industry, having successfully delivered a large number of banking-related software projects (such as Business Intelligence solutions as well as Management Information Systems).

Moreover, banking constitutes our second-largest vertical market, and we have strong ties with financial institutions and a very good knowledge of their business.

We strongly believe that SPMS can bring about a fundamental change in new product development & product management for the Banking & FS Industry, as much as it did in the Telecom Industry.