We are committed to being socially responsible, and to that end we have introduced company-wide policies in order to provide a safe workplace for our employees, as well as to protect the environment by reducing our environmental footprint and conserving energy and natural resources.

To strengthen our internal processes and enhance our environmental efficiency, we have adopted the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System.

Our Commitment to the Protection of the Environment

  • Continuous and comprehensive evaluation of the environmental impact that the company’s activities may have, in order to reduce our overall environmental footprint, by engaging in proactive environmental initiatives.

  • Continuous improvement of our environmental performance through monitoring and review of all relevant resources consumption and waste production, as well as through the definition of objectives and goals.

  • Compliance with all national and EU environmental laws and regulations, as well as other regulatory provisions.

  • Preemptive steps to ensure the avoidance of emergency or hazardous situations.

  • Environmental awareness and motivation of employees.

Recycling Initiatives


We currently have a recycling policy in place, and consistently recycle the following:

  • Paper: Books, magazines, newspapers, wrappings, cardboards, packaging, office paper - A4, A3 etc.

  • Batteries: Portable, accumulators, rechargeable, industrial, lead-acid, alkaline, button and coin cells.

  • Light bulbs and lamps: Fluorescent, LED, other mercury-containing bulbs and lamps.

  • Small electrical / electronic devices: Small domestic appliances, computers, television sets, computer monitors, computer peripherals, printers, mobile phones, tablets etc.


All of the above are stored in designated areas and frequently collected by local waste management collection authorities / organizations.

Moreover, we require from all fleet leasing / management companies with whom with co-operate, as well as from all car service centers to which we service our company cars, to have procedures in place for the collection and proper recycling of:

  • used car tires,

  • used car batteries,

  • used motor oils.

Environmentally-friendly Initiatives


In order to be truly environmentally responsible, we constantly engage in practices which minimize the consumption of resources and the production of new waste.

  • Office paper: We only use 100% recycled office paper (A4, A3), chlorine-free bleached (PCF), FSC-Recycled certified, EU-Ecolabel certified, with an EXCELLENT rating on the WWF "Check Your Paper" directory.

  • Printer toner cartridges: We only use remanufactured cartridges, which we exchange with full / refilled ones when depleted.

  • Discourage printer use: We only print documents when absolutely necessary or when asked to do so by our clients.

  • Cleaning and paper / personal hygiene products: We only use products that have been certified by local authorities as suitable for human use and not harmful to the environment.

  • Pest control: We only use chemicals that have been certified by local authorities as not harmful to people, companion animals or the environment.

  • Disposable tableware: We have stopped buying and using disposable plastic cups, plates and utensils in our offices.

  • Energy efficient lighting: We have replaced our non energy efficient lamps and bulbs with LED energy saving lamps and bulbs throughout our offices.

  • Data center energy consumption: Our physical (on-premises) data center, incorporates an energy efficient cooling system (A++ class, based on the EU Energy Label classification system). Moreover, our cloud computing provider (where our virtual data center resides) runs on 100% certified renewable energy.

  • Certified electronic equipment: We only use certified electronic equipment coming from established manufacturers (CE marking, Energy Star compliance).

  • Marketing material: We do not produce marketing communications material (brochures, leaflets etc.) in paper format. All of our marketing communications material is distributed in electronic format only.

Environmental Performance 2017
(January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017)


As part of our on-going environmental efforts, we were able to achieve the following in 2017:

  • We reduced our water consumption in our premises by 35.95%.

  • We reduced our procurement of laser printer toner cartridges by 70%.

  • We recycled 100% of our empty laser toner cartridges.

  • We reduced our procurement of ink printer cartridges by 15.38%.

  • We reduced our procurement of office paper by 4.29%.

  • We recycled 139 kg of office paper (or 79.79% in relation to the office paper that we procured).

  • We recycled 49 kg of plastic / glass / aluminum / cast-iron waste.

  • We recycled 13 kg of portable batteries.

  • We recycled 166 kg of industrial and lead-acid batteries.

  • We recycled 51 kg of small electrical / electronic devices.

  • We decommissioned a number of older generation servers, so as to reduce our overall environmental footprint (less energy consumption, less heat generation inside the data center).