NCT Platform

The NCT Platform is a set of code libraries and toolsets that provides core functionality and data management in order to allow end-users to manage quickly and efficiently various procedures and tasks related to the operational and business needs of a system.

NetComTracer (NCT)

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A proven, mature and advanced framework for sophisticated, enterprise-level Software Development projects.

Architecture Overview


NCT functionality supports the management of major entities, relations among these entities and provides simplified access to a persistent storage through the Data Layer Core Engine.

NCT also includes management of relevant lookup data, calculation of statistic information and data export to different file types (XLS, CSV, XML e.t.c). Additionally advanced security features, entity administration, quick Search functionality on entity data and auditing are available by default.

NCT architecture offers the ability to modify or add new enhancements without redesigning the products. It also offers the ability to transfer the application from different platforms and RDBMS with minimum cost of development.

NCT aims to facilitate software development by allowing designers and programmers to quickly meet software requirements rather than dealing with the more standard low-level details of providing a working system, thereby reducing overall development time resulting to increased customer satisfaction.

NCT architecture