Being in the forefront of the Greek software industry since 1991, we have established ourselves as a technology and client-driven company, bringing value to our clients through a sophisticated portfolio of software services and solutions, combined with a uniquely personalized client service provision.

A Trusted Partner


​Together with our clients, we analyse the needs and purpose of what they want to achieve and choose the set of technologies, tools and frameworks that will be implemented in an optimal way.

By understanding their needs and suggesting the optimal technologies, tools and frameworks for their specific project, we help our clients develop their business more effectively.

We are recognized in the industry for our hard skills, however we place equal importance to our soft skills. After all, client service soft skills are relationship-building skills.

For IST, client service is not a department or a function, but a part of the company's culture.

Successfully Serving A Demanding Client Base


IST dedicates itself to delivering sophisticated software solutions and services for specific, high growth and demanding industries, such as telecommunications, banking & finance and pharma (among others).

Our clients are predominantly large-sized and Enterprise-level organizations (either private, publicly-traded, multinationals or their local branches) with broad stakeholder involvement.

Moreover, we offer our services to major international software vendors, as well as I.T. solution providers, I.T. integrators and digital agencies - acting as their designated outsourcing partners.

The majority of these organizations have strict operating, security and environmental standards and demand the very best from their designated I.T. partners.

Long-Term Business Relationships


We are known in the industry for our competence in a broad range of technologies, tools and frameworks, thus we are being favored by the vast majority of our clients with repeat business.

We always aim to form strong business ties with our clients and we take pride that more than 70% of our yearly revenue is realized by a recurring client base.

Client Profile


Our software services and solutions are offered directly, or indirectly, and are primarily addressed to:


Directly - ​End Clients

  • Large-sized organizations (250+ employees)

  • Enterprise-level organizations (1.000+ employees)

  • Multinational corporations / global enterprises



  • Software vendors

  • I.T. solution providers

  • I.T. integrators

  • Digital agencies


Business Domains expertise

  • Telecommunications

  • Banking & Finance

  • Pharma