About Us

IST constitutes one of the most respected and credible Independent Software Vendors in the Greek market, being in the forefront of the Greek software industry since 1991.

Think Big, Act Small


International Software Techniques S.A. (doing business as IST) is a privately held company of Greek interests.

IST currently functions both as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and as a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) for third-party software products and services.

The company is headquartered in Marousi, Athens, Greece. The management team owns 100% of the share capital, allowing the company to pursue a coherent growth strategy.

IST dedicates itself to delivering sophisticated services and solutions for specific, high growth and demanding industries, such as telecommunications, banking & finance, and pharma.

We primarily address the needs of large-sized and Enterprise-level organizations (either private, publicly traded, or multinational), while we also offer our services to major international software vendors, I.T. solution providers, I.T. integrators and digital agencies (acting as their designated outsourcing partners).

At IST, we are a strong advocate of the "Think Big, Act Small" management approach: think big, authentic ideas about solving customers’ problems, making better products, providing valuable services, exploring innovative solutions, and creating value. But, at the same time never stop acting like a start-up; staying humble, treating every employee like the owner, and having everyone on the frontline.

We make a conscious and continuous effort to combine the strengths of a big organization with the hunger of a start-up. We build excellent relationships with our clients, suppliers, employees, and other stakeholders; we groom future leaders at all levels, and we balance their short-term goals with their long-term visions.

Management Team
Mr. Antonios Roussos
Company Founder & Consultant to the Management
Mr. Georgios Roussos
President of the BoD / General Manager
Mr. Thanos Prinjos
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Panayiotis Tzagkarakis
Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Konstantinos Madias
Chief Operating Officer
Portfolio of Services


We offer our client base a diverse portfolio of sophisticated services and solutions, tailored to their specific needs.

Our software services are addressed to end clients (such as large-sized and Enterprise-level organizations), while we also act as preferred outsourcing partners for local and international software vendors, I.T. solution providers, I.T. integrators and digital agencies.

Current portfolio of services:

  • Proprietary Software Solutions

  • Bespoke / Custom Software Development

  • Managed Services

  • Time & Material Services

  • Staff Augmentation / Staffing Services

  • Value-Added Reselling / Value Added Services

The latest company presentation is available to download, as a PDF file.