3rd Party Products

IST has entered into partnership agreements with a number of strategically selected, internationally-recognized software vendors, such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Attunity, Kentico, Dbvisit.

By collaborating with these leading vendors, we are in a position to offer best in class software solutions bundled together with proficient consulting and implementation services.

We aim to be a premier Value Added Reseller for the vendors we represent, offering our clients a turn-key solution that will truly add value to their business.

A Premier Value Added Reseller


Provisioning of acclaimed software solutions bundled with a complete set of skilled, in-house professional services:

  • Consulting

  • Project Management

  • Analysis & Design

  • Installation

  • Implementation

  • Customization

  • Testing

  • Training

  • Technical Support

  • Enhancements & Upgrades

IBM Business Process Management


Business process management is critical to the way that nearly all organizations operate. That’s because business processes lay the foundation for back-office and front-office business functions — from managing invoices and records to quickly opening customer accounts and offering real-time promotional offers to prospects.

At the end of the day, business processes allow all the different parts of an organization to efficiently and effectively work together toward their common goal of serving customers better.

IBM has already helped thousands of clients from a wide range of industries successfully meet their business process improvement goals, by offering two distinct BPM solutions:

  • IBM Blueworks Live is a business process modeling tool that lets you discover, map and document your processes. It is easy to use and accessible anywhere through a browser. The cloud-based environment allows for effective collaboration in a way that is structured and usable by anyone in your company.

  • IBM Business Process Manager allows organizations to model, create and optimize critical business processes with speed and agility. It includes tooling and runtime for process design and execution, along with capabilities for monitoring and optimizing work that’s executed within the platform. It’s specifically designed to enable process owners and business users to engage directly in the improvement of their business processes.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV


If your business is growing and ready to take on more opportunities, Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help. An easily adaptable enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, it helps small and medium-sized businesses automate and connect their sales, purchasing, operations, accounting, and inventory management.

A multi-currency and multi-language enterprise resource planning solution, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is targeted primarily at small and midsize businesses, particularly those in the manufacturing and distribution sectors. The software helps such businesses in accounting, operations and supply chain management.

The application’s ability to integrate organization’s systems with data and business processes makes it the ideal ERP software. It also allows team collaboration without having to switch applications. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is guaranteed to enrich user experience, which will enable employees to complete tasks anytime, anywhere.

Attunity Replicate


Attunity Replicate is the foundation for modern, efficient data pipelines, providing automated, real time and universal data integration across all major data lakes, streaming systems, databases, data warehouses and mainframe systems, on premises and in the cloud. With Attunity Replicate, you can deliver more data to the business, ready for agile analytics, while reducing effort and cost.

Attunity Replicate moves data at high speed from source to target, all managed through a simple graphical interface that completely automates end-to-end replication. With streamlined and agentless configuration, administrators and data architects can easily set up, control, and monitor bulk loads and real-time updates with enterprise-class change data capture (CDC).

Using Attunity Replicate you gain global visibility into and centralized control of data replication across distributed, hybrid environments.