IST constitutes one of the most versatile and agile Independent Software Vendors in the Greek market.
Being in the forefront of the Greek ICT market since 1991, IST has established itself as a technology and client-driven company, bringing tangible value to its client-base through an extended and sophisticated portfolio of Software Services and Products.

Catering for the Needs
of the Business World since 1991

International Software Techniques S.A. (doing business as IST) is a private company of Greek interests, established in 1991.

The company is headquartered in Athens, Greece. The management team owns 100% of the share capital, allowing the company to pursue a coherent growth strategy.

IST currently functions as both an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and as a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) for third-party software products & services.

The company consists of 3 discrete strategic business units (SBUs), each of which targets specific market segments and has a clearly-defined strategic evolution roadmap.

The company is exclusively focused on serving the needs of demanding business entities, by offering sophisticated and highly proficient turn-key solutions which empower and emancipate the organization, while offering a very robust Return on Investment.

Proprietary Software Solutions

Focusing on mid and large-sized business clients, comprising of internally-developed and marketed proprietary (i.e. packaged) software solutions.

The solutions are based upon competent, proven and capable technological platforms and offer tangible business benefits which help in the establishment of competitive advantages for our clients.

The solutions are focused on specific vertical industries and are bundled with competent and proficient professional services that add further value to the offerings.

Enterprise Solutions
Software Development, I.T. Consulting, Project Management, Outsourcing Services

Focusing on enterprise-level clients, comprising of sophisticated professional services (both ISV-related and consultancy services).

The Enterprise Solutions SBU is currently the largest in terms of personnel involvement, revenue and turnover, and has grown exponentially since its establishment.

The Enterprise Solutions SBU software offerings and characterized by performance, scalability, robustness, as well as by incorporating the latest technology standards.

The SBU is also pursuing new software models, such as Software as a Service (SaaS), and Cloud Computing in order to enhance its value proposition.

The Enterprise Solutions SBU has a highly competent and long-time expertise on a wide array of technologies.

Business Solutions
I.T. Integration Services

The Business Solutions SBU is a high-growth, high-potential SBU, which is recognized in the industry for its commitment to excellence and quality service offerings.